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 Post subject: My absence...
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2022 15:47 

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I'll start from the begining,

EARLY HOURS november 24th last year my son had his van broken into and all his tools were stolen. The neighbour has cctv - we did not (do now). my son recognised the car involved, they gained entry through a key fob of their own and took all his carpentry/joinery tools worth £1000's. He was due to start a new job the following morning (his dream job, laying parquet floors) he was late for work on his first day, his new boss very understanding and told him get in when you can. Police were called, took statements etc, then my sone set off to work around 8am (been up since 6am sorting his van/police etc). As he drove to work he saw the car that was on cctv on the road behind us and it confirmed his suspicion who it was. he said he going to confront them as he went to school with the lad (3 years younger than him..son is 22). I told him not to go to the house the family are notorious for being violent, he was adament hes going, so i told him to wait until me and his dad got there, in the meantime call the police tell them you've found the car involved. As we got there my son was on the to the police. Tlad in question hung out of his bedroom window and said something, we couldnt make out what he said...he came outside. He looked at my son and said "I was on your road at 3am but I didn't touch your van"

My son said to him, " How do you know I'm here about that if you had nothing to do with it?" He told him police had been called and that if he handed all the tools back then it would be dropped. At this point the lad reached into his pocket and said he was going to stab my son and me. Knowing the family's background and the fact chisels and stanley blades ahd been stolen i shoved the lad backwards away from me and my lad. The 18 yr old then pulled out his car keys, jumped in the car and sped off as his mother came out making threats. We left the scene telling her the police would be in touch.
As we were heading home (2mins away) we got a call from my sons school which is literally across the road from our house, we still have relatives in the school and they knew his tools were stolen, They called to say someone had just thrown a load of tools etc on the path between the school and kids were going through the tool boxes so the teachers had retrieved a few items come over see if thye are yours.... Yes they were..nothing of value thrown though, just empty tool boxes and his golf clubs...police were called again. By 9.30am sone was off to work. Normal day started. i went to work at 4pm as usual. I was a little worried as i had been told the lad was 16, so technically i had assualted a minor by shoving him into the privet. I explained at work what had happened and told them if i'm not in tomorrow i've probably been arrested for it.
Shift over, i head home and on my way (5mins away from home) i have to pull over and let police pass, 1,2,3,4,5 pass me another 2 going straight ahead past me, jokingly i think oooh i wonder if theyre coming for me!!!! (Now i wish that was the case)
As im driving towards my house i see blue flashing lights on my stretch of road and think oh well, a bit heavy handed for little old me but hey ho...lets go.. As i pull onto my side road i realise there are 11 police cars, my house is taped off with crime scene tape, CSI is in attendance along with CID and a bloke( i thought was my husband -same height it was dark) being held by police and his head is swollen and covered in blood. IM IN A FULL ON PANIC NOW, i try to get onto my property the police wont let me, telling me it's a crime scene, after 2 min scuffle with police they realise i live there. the guy covered in blood is the thiefs dad. i get into my home and its swarming with police, my son and husband are covered in blood....FFS. My son and husband both had their head split open with metal tools stolen form sons van, husband nose was broken, son broken finger. They end up being taken to hopsital after a couple of hours, Then arrested as soon as they leave the hospital and spend the night in the cells. I'm in a full on panic, no one is telling me anything, the firebrigade came out to fit new smoke alarms and seal up my letterbox as they had threatened to petrol bomb my home, police were sat outside my home until 2am. everything is chaos.

The father of the lad in question decided that because we got the police involved my son needed teaching a lesson. my son was inside his van on our front, my husband stood at the door, they were emtying the van of tools left incase they came back to repeat the job. As they were doing this a car pulled up, 4 men got out, hit my husband over head with metal son pops his head out to see wtf is happening and he gets hit so hard he's unconsciouse for a good 5 mins- as he's laid on the floor passed out, 3 blokes are kicking and hitting him, My husband is fighting the dad off. My son gets up and 3 of them run away so he goes to help restrain the guy whos trying to beat his dad up.
The dad of the theif ended up with his skull fractured (apparently his brain was hanging out) 2 fractured cheekbones, broken nose and all his teeth knocked out (NEVER PICK A FIGHT WITH AN EX PARATROOPER AND A 3X YORKSHIRE BOXING CHAMP)

So now they all got arrested apart from the 3 that ran off (one of them was the thief) all charged with section 18- carries a 25yr prison sentence.
The thief has not been charged with anything yet, but his dad is under same charge as my 2. The thief's dad is a police grass so he's protected by them , CPS have pushed the case to court trying to get my husband and son sent to prison but they messed up big time, they decided to drop the charge from section 18 to affray with carries 3yr prison. but the judge at magistrates told them, you can't drop it from a serious charge to affray with out evidence, statements or video evidence and NO statements were taken, the only evidence provided is from us and the only evidence we have is of us being attacked so she's sent the case to crown court. After the hearing the family was waiting for us outside court as they had come mob handed, security got involved and we were escorted out of court by security.
They have been to crown for the plea hearing and everyone has pleaded not guilty so now its a 5 day trial in may.
My son gets legal aid, my husband doesn't so it's costing us 5 thousand pounds to go to court .

So appologies for not being around, my head and heart are not in it, i've been diagnosed with severe depression, severe anxiety and PTSD, im barely leaving home and if i do it's not alone as the extending family are making threats and my son has already been chased out of a shop with threat of being killed. My mood is all over the place one min im laughing, next min i'm crying. I want to mix with people and chat as normal but when i do ...i just want to disappear. so give me time and ill be back might be 5 mins, might be 5 hours ..i'm just not there yet.

Thanks for understanding. x

 Post subject: Re: My absence...
PostPosted: 28 Aug 2022 14:32 
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Hey Flic, shit times doesn't really cover it!

Look after yourselves and hope you are getting the support locally that you need, for you and your family, to get through this. Any time you need to vent off always someone available about here willing to listen, remember talking is important and you will need ways of letting off steam at points or things tend to bubble over.

Look after yourself and looking forward to the next time you feel up to beating me about the server! :) :SW: :friends2:

 Post subject: Re: My absence...
PostPosted: 28 Aug 2022 18:00 
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Hello Flic,

OMG!! -> my first reaction.

It is incredible what has happened to you and your family.
I hope you re all ok and the wounds are healed. Flic your reaction in comletely normal in this not normal situation.
What happened to you can take a lot of time to give this a place. When you see that your family is in danger... this does a lot with the human mind, as you mentionned : ptsd, depression.
Incredible that there live such agressive,weird, mad people next to you. This kind of people should be removed from the society

Thank you for sharing this Flic, writing things down can help a little. Know that we all are there for you and give you support.


A big HUG Flic!

 Post subject: Re: My absence...
PostPosted: 30 Aug 2022 17:26 
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Sorry to hear about your struggles with mental health Flic. I obviously can’t comment on your situation given my job… however, and please don’t take this the wrong way, I would just be careful about posting about things online especially when it involves a live court case.

All the best

1. The overcoming of an enemy, opponent, or any difficulty; triumph.
2. To succeed in an effort or endeavor.
 Post subject: Re: My absence...
PostPosted: 03 Sep 2022 18:37 
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Damn Flic, that is fucked up.

We're not going anywhere so take your time, your extended family will always be waiting here for when you return.

I hope your son and husband get some sort of justice eventually, the world is fucked up, protecting assholes instead of people just trying to earn a living

Has the media been interested in this?




Clanpay link below
 Post subject: Re: My absence...
PostPosted: 10 Sep 2022 23:11 

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Flic i am so sorry to hear this, i hope you and your family come out of this unscathed. its at ruly shocking story but some people are pure scum its sad your loved ones are so close to this scum, fingers crossed the piss poor legal system can do something right and protect you and your family.
sending hugs, fingers are crossed for you guys


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