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It is currently 18 Apr 2021 20:52

Sat 11:48 | skiron


Thu 21:58 | skiron


Sun 16:18 | skiron


Sun 12:19 | IronHorse

hope its all good with evrey one no COVID

Sun 12:18 | IronHorse

hi huys

Sat 09:34 | skiron

have a nice weekend all

Fri 13:13 | skiron


Tue 16:00 | 2Beers

Brendan are you about just messaged you on steam

Thu 15:48 | Kiggi

Hey all, hope everyone is good and well, i am running a rust server these days and wondered where best to drop the details so you all can join if you wanted to??

Wed 16:57 | skiron

helloo, almost weekend again :)

Mon 23:43 | Felix


Wed 21:03 | skiron


Sat 11:24 | skiron


Sat 15:31 | skiron


Tue 00:24 | Snowbear ... o.rar/file <- Demo link, I also put it in a thread in the banned section cheers Belfast :-)

Tue 00:21 | truckydriver ... y&x=53&y=7, I banned this guy for cheating. I could see he was cheating and Snugglebear has a video he will put up here as well

Mon 21:05 | lemonguy18

banned him forgot to say

Mon 17:47 | lemonguy18

left before i was able to ban thoughg

Mon 17:47 | lemonguy18

was aim locking very obviously no evidence needed , he camera was shaking everywhere locking through walls

Mon 17:47 | lemonguy18

Can somebody ban this player please

Sun 22:08 | lemonguy18

As i told him those who ask for admin don't get it , how it always been

Sun 21:41 | truckydriver

Hi Guys. hope all had a good weekend..Kessen has asked about being an Admin. I told him to come on here and ask. I'm not sure how many there are but I would reconmend kessen for Admin If a space becomes available

Sat 19:54 | Elliott

My new desk is now built and now I can start looking for a PC :)

Fri 17:57 | skiron

have a nice weekend all
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