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It is currently 13 May 2021 12:21

Tue 19:36 | lemonguy18

Hi all just wanted to inform you all I might not reply to any messages or be seen for a little bit , sadly my dog passed away today and im take some time away from the PC to grief!

Sat 10:25 | skiron

btw, have a nice weekend all

Sat 10:25 | skiron

Hello Stealth, thank you, hows going there on your island?


just put $40 in teh kitteh :)

Wed 23:20 | skiron


Wed 17:44 | Serialkiller

Just put $70 in the kitty, we could do with another donation drive, poor Hans has put in lots of money over the months, pretty much paid it every month as far as I can see! Thanks so much Hans!

Sat 17:48 | skiron

have a nice weekend people

Fri 13:26 | skiron


Sun 19:55 | Felix

all good, just a bit behind on studies, pubg went as well, that hurt more uninstalling that :P

Sun 17:06 | lemonguy18

*No worries Felix , hopefully its nothing bad and i hope you dont get distracted from anything else and hopefully see you in a few weeks! :D

Sun 17:06 | lemonguy18


Sun 16:10 | skiron

hey Felix, hard decision ;)

Sun 01:02 | Felix

hey all, I've uninstalled css for a few weeks or so, need to focus on some stuff and can't get distracted anymore, see you then

Sat 21:09 | skiron

caps... I ve changed my keyboard and I cant see if they are on or off...

Sat 21:08 | skiron


Sat 15:17 | Calibrator

That's not sunshine it's the glow from the hill fires

Sat 12:54 | truckydriver

Hello. and what a great day it is with all the sunshine

Sat 11:48 | skiron


Thu 21:58 | skiron


Sun 16:18 | skiron


Sun 12:19 | IronHorse

hope its all good with evrey one no COVID

Sun 12:18 | IronHorse

hi huys

Sat 09:34 | skiron

have a nice weekend all

Fri 13:13 | skiron


Tue 16:00 | 2Beers

Brendan are you about just messaged you on steam
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