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It is currently 21 Apr 2024 03:12

Wed 12:53 | skiron


Sun 16:35 | Calibrator

Ban Doom, far too many Cali Kills

Sat 15:33 | skiron

yoo, welcome on the forum

Sat 15:31 | DOOM

Thanks for sorting tha skiron. ello lads

Sat 15:07 | skiron


Wed 02:45 | truckydriver

can someone have a word with sulton of swing. i just seen the coments on gameME and he typed the C word. i will be working the rest of the week on nights so i may not see him

Mon 00:06 | skiron


Sat 09:22 | Serialkiller

Hi guys, would like another donation drive if possible, I've paid for this month so should be ok.

Tue 18:54 | Billyclub


Thu 00:00 | Rammstein


Wed 20:35 | skiron


Wed 18:43 | skiron


Wed 09:35 | skiron

goodmorning people

Tue 20:18 | Rammstein

i'm not hoping it. But i like to see you more on the ssdi server

Mon 22:36 | lemonguy18

So I am just saying I am hoping you don't think complaining about them will give the same result as what happened with Goncalo cause he was the expection and we aint going to just ban people cause they are a bit better than the average player and others are complaining, I am just making that clear

Mon 22:31 | lemonguy18

yeah I am sure Ramm cause I was on FH when you said you wish they would get rid of them on there as its boring with them just killing you all the time...

Mon 21:51 | Roy Boy

Its funny to see good players have a bad night, its when they are constantly good I either put it down to ping or something else. I just say Hmm and carry on, cheats are too stupid to die a bit for an evening.

Mon 21:17 | Rammstein

would be strange if i want you to ban all three of them

Mon 21:16 | Rammstein

nicely assuming lemon, so you are pretty sure?

Mon 19:25 | lemonguy18

which fair enough, everyone is allowed to complain, but I hope he isnt complaining in hopes we ban them, cause it aint gonna happen espically as Epi is a clan member

Mon 19:24 | lemonguy18

pretty sure he is just complaining that they are better

Mon 12:58 | Elliott

What do you mean Rammstein?

Sun 01:51 | Rammstein

sorry, not much fun now witch star, epifany, born2die

Sat 19:13 | skiron


Fri 23:47 | Billyclub

server stuck, needs map chane enforced, not one admin on line either
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