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It is currently 16 Jan 2021 03:37

Mon 21:04 | skiron

hi peeps

Sun 16:26 | Elliott

I would guess that the Wuhan thing is a piss-take, given that’s where covid originated!

Sat 20:59 | 2Beers

shown logging in from usa but he is from Wuhan, Hubei, China according to his steam community profile

Sat 20:17 | Felix

Thanks, think he was attacking the server somehow, killed it off pretty quickly

Sat 11:58 | skiron

Hello Felix, I cant see that information but I can ban the Ip adress.

Sat 11:53 | skiron


Sat 04:32 | Felix

After about 10 attempts of getting back on the server, finally managed to be quick enough to ban him. Skiron might want to check he doesn't have any other accounts

Sat 04:31 | Felix

Guy I linked came on, suddenly we were all getting booted, some message about overloading message packet or something like that

Mon 22:43 | skiron


Sun 09:43 | skiron

Horse why you dont buy a real car? Alfa's are made to stay broken at the side of the road ;)

Sun 09:39 | skiron

morning all

Sun 01:59 | Reaper

horse is a bitch

Sun 01:42 | IronHorse

i think they only break Alfa Romeos

Sun 01:42 | IronHorse

School Lane, Grayingham, Lincolnshire, DN21 4EU, GB

Sun 01:42 | IronHorse

Clover Breakers , breakyard

Sun 01:38 | IronHorse

The models i know come in black are Brera S (sell only in UK) anda the Brera TI

Sun 01:37 | IronHorse

Heys guys need some help, finding the sun visors in black and all the parts in black, from an Alfa Romeo Brera

Sat 14:14 | IronHorse

Happy New Year Guys

Fri 20:59 | 2Beers

Happy New Year Guys

Fri 19:59 | Elliott

Happy New Year SSDi :)

Fri 11:13 | skiron

Year sorry

Fri 11:13 | skiron

Happy New Yeat

Fri 00:35 | Felix

Happy new year to all
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