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It is currently 03 Aug 2020 15:48

Sun 20:05 | Felix

not been to Turkey myself, might be a problem atm with my Greek passport, relations between the two are strained

Sun 20:04 | Felix

yeah cheap is good

Sun 12:18 | Calibrator

Wife taking daughter to Blackpool for a couple of days first week, then we are having 4 days in Bristol the second week.

Sun 12:17 | Calibrator

UK is run by one, the US is run by a major one, China is run by one, Russia is run by one, North Korea is run by one, Brazil is run by one.....should I go on or just say Turkey was cheap?

Sun 09:40 | Felix

still shit though

Sun 09:40 | Felix

greece is a much better option :P

Sun 09:40 | Felix

why visit Turkey its run by a lunatic

Sat 22:24 | skiron

hello all, sorry to hear that Cali

Wed 19:28 | Calibrator

9th August holiday to Turkey has just been cancelled, bollox!

Wed 19:18 | skiron


Tue 19:18 | skiron


Fri 19:44 | skiron

I am afraid yes

Fri 18:01 | Calibrator

The rest of the world will be joining you soon

Thu 21:57 | skiron

My country is back under attack from Covid-19 :( :( :(

Thu 21:56 | skiron

A goodevening to you all

Tue 20:46 | skiron


Fri 21:59 | skiron


Tue 19:45 | 2Beers

Think everywhere will be the same for a while

Tue 16:10 | skiron

yes but so strange, we were the first tourists there after the lockdown. Empty hotels, shops, bars,...

Sun 15:45 | 2Beers

Hoe you had a good holiday Hans

Sat 10:02 | skiron

Hello people, just back home.

Sun 21:14 | Calibrator


Sun 19:20 | skiron

Greetings from Corfu.

Sun 20:44 | skiron

hello people, I am finally in holliday woohoo :D

Fri 21:10 | skiron

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