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It is currently 16 Sep 2019 03:24

Mon 00:28 | zeb


Sat 21:15 | 2Beers

waste of time posting on here tonight but the server needs restarted lagging as though its about to crash its unplayable

Fri 16:01 | skiron

A nice friday to you all and have a great weekend :)

Thu 16:44 | skiron


Wed 19:54 | skiron

goodevening lovely people

Sat 21:54 | Claudia

Helloooo skiron and thank yoiu :)

Thu 21:03 | skiron

yoo comrads

Tue 08:21 | skiron

Heeey Claudia, welcome back :)

Tue 00:19 | Claudia

hellooooo people im back from hollidays :D

Sun 21:42 | Felix

trust me its not easy but stay positive and push yourself to recover and you will. Its a long process mate but you will do it

Sun 21:40 | Felix

I was in a wheelchair for 3 months with fractured femur and fractured ankle on other leg as well, but worst damage was to the elbow, that never really healed properly. However if you keep up with physio and work hard you will recover

Sun 21:39 | Felix

i did that, they hammered 2 metal pins into my hand to hold the bones together, hurt like a bitch, but it eventually worked. Almost like nothing happened now

Sun 21:38 | Felix

pretty shit vogon. You say fractured thumb, is that the trapezium?

Sat 16:01 | skiron

goodafternoon people

Sat 02:10 | Vogon

Hi Skiron, yep Open fractured ankle, fractured knee, torn ligaments in same knee, fractured thumb, fractured elbow, 9 fractured ribs, partial pneumathorax due to one of the rib fractures.... Slowly getting better now 7 weeks later... Long way back to walking and uncertainty to ho well the ankle is going to get. I'll just have to take it day by day and hope for the best.

Fri 23:28 | 2Beers

Everyone is getting a lot of lag on the server tonight and its lagging everytime someone joins

Fri 21:38 | Serialkiller


Fri 16:41 | 2Beers

server needs restart as its not responding

Mon 14:36 | Calibrator

In the crooked glass Skiron?

Mon 12:37 | skiron

Yoo people, am at the belgian coast now, enjoying my superbe "dronkenput" beer :D

Fri 17:56 | skiron

ribs are painfull, did you had a pneumothorax as wel?

Fri 17:55 | skiron

wow vogon, hope you will be better soon!

Fri 17:55 | skiron

ello all

Thu 23:17 | Claudia

Helloooo my you people

Wed 15:43 | lemonguy18

Hope you heal soon Vogon , Ello Chrizzy ya noob ;)
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