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It is currently 29 Mar 2020 06:48

Sat 14:49 | skiron

have a nice weekend all

Wed 18:35 | skiron

a goodevening to everyone

Mon 07:43 | Serialkiller

Stay safe people! :)

Sun 17:22 | Felix

oh and donkey, you were always quarantined :P

Sun 17:22 | Felix

hows it going

Sun 17:22 | Felix

Hey skiron

Sun 17:21 | skiron


Sun 14:41 | truckydriver

Good afternoon everyone. except for Donkey. have to give him a HEX... Quarantine..joking Donkey..I think It's time for me to play :)

Sat 11:36 | skiron

goodmorning, welcome back Iron

Thu 18:26 | IronHorse

Hi guys, Im back soon then i espected, hope all are good, i will be in quarenten for about 2 weeks, will start to play, all the best for everyone

Wed 21:03 | skiron


Mon 19:21 | skiron

hello people

Mon 19:21 | skiron


Sun 20:25 | 2Beers

lol nothing new there then

Sun 08:42 | skiron

new rule on the server: to prevent a corona outbreak i ask everybody to stay in his spawn.

Sun 08:39 | skiron

morning all

Sat 21:56 | 2Beers

I know if I dont like a map I either sit in spectate or leave unless I'm asked to change it by a majority

Sat 20:22 | lemonguy18

make a forum post about it billy and call them out they'll get sorted out

Sat 02:14 | Billyclub

vote for a map and cos the admin doesnt like it gets change..whats the point of voting

Wed 20:30 | skiron

hello all

Tue 18:11 | skiron

evening all

Tue 02:37 | Felix

the seasons are getting a bit samey

Tue 02:37 | Felix

probably finished with d3 until 4 comes out

Mon 00:21 | spr1ng

Anyone playing COD or Diablo 3?

Mon 00:19 | spr1ng

Evening all
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