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It is currently 26 Oct 2020 13:48

Sun 11:05 | skiron


Thu 16:45 | skiron

Stay safe all and be careful.

Thu 16:44 | skiron

Hello people, things are going bad in Belgium, Brussels. Tomorrow I start again on my old workfloor, the ER. Lots of my old collegues are ill...

Mon 14:00 | skiron

ello ello

Wed 10:56 | skiron

hello all, hope you re all ok

Mon 20:06 | Chrizzy


Thu 10:31 | skiron

hi people

Thu 09:28 | Serialkiller

Same, switch it!

Tue 00:30 | Billyclub

mad sunday..UTD lost 1-6 and liverpool lost 7-2 hahaha was gutted at UTD score but the LFC score cheared me right up!

Fri 20:54 | skiron

have a nice weekend all

Wed 18:41 | skiron

happy wednesday all

Mon 16:40 | Felix

ok thanks for the clarification. Had an 11 year old on the other night. Nice kid, but just worried about it being suitable

Sun 22:58 | skiron

our kids played on the server as well

Sun 22:57 | skiron

evening all

Sat 16:28 | lemonguy18

*in the past

Sat 16:27 | lemonguy18

That why we always had the family friendly rule Felix cause not so much now , but in the passed we had quite young member including myself

Sat 09:32 | Serialkiller

Nope, never have.

Sat 01:18 | Felix

probably asked this before, but do we have a rule for age on the server?

Fri 18:02 | Elliott

You too Hans :)

Fri 12:32 | skiron

hello, have a nice weekend all

Wed 18:30 | skiron


Wed 13:09 | Serialkiller

Downloading of new maps I think, the new maps need adding to the ftp mirror site as well.

Sun 20:23 | 2Beers

why does the server lag everytime someone joins the server

Fri 23:26 | skiron


Wed 14:34 | Elliott

Hi all, yes Vogon xD You are welcome to join us :D
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