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It is currently 22 Feb 2018 13:40

Wed 21:49 | skiron

gudevening all

Mon 20:06 | skiron


Sun 11:33 | skiron

fine Felix, thank you. Hows you?

Sun 11:32 | skiron

moin peeps

Sat 23:55 | Felix

how is everyone

Sat 23:55 | Felix

hey noobies

Sat 22:09 | skiron

a good evening to you all

Sat 10:12 | strava

glad to see familiar nicknames!

Sat 05:04 | lemonguy18

welcome back strava!

Sat 02:01 | Finduz

Havn't seen you in years man, welcome back! :)

Fri 21:05 | strava

i finnally got a place where i can game again! on a decent chair with a decent desk. that was the main reason why i dissapeared on ya'll

Fri 20:28 | Serialkiller


Fri 19:28 | strava

glad to see ssdi is still alive and kicking!

Fri 19:26 | strava

first game today in like forever

Fri 18:24 | Serialkiller

Server didn't need a restart, hosts were working on the network hence the disruption!

Fri 18:02 | skiron

but there is a way by console.

Fri 17:30 | skiron

I have no idea if it is possible to add a restart function in the admins menu.

Fri 17:11 | skiron

hey hey

Fri 16:38 | 2Beers

AL the problem was that the server needed a restart which requires a red admin to do as there were a lot of players unable to connect and no reds online at the time

Fri 00:03 | Chrizzy


Thu 23:37 | GENER-AL

Me and many others are on Steam most of the time, if theres a problem we can easily be contacted to sort stuff out

Wed 16:35 | skiron

hallo all

Mon 18:32 | skiron

evening all

Sun 11:36 | skiron


Sat 18:27 | skiron

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