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It is currently 16 Jan 2019 17:44

Wed 17:34 | skiron

hes all yours Elliott ;)

Wed 17:32 | skiron

goodevening all

Wed 14:29 | Elliott

Lol should I arrest the fecker? :D

Wed 00:44 | Rabbit

still under attack though

Wed 00:42 | lemonguy18

back up

Wed 00:41 | lemonguy18

yeah servers down

Wed 00:40 | Rabbit

Few hiccups very late in the night, may have reached into his piggy bank to pay for a few more attacks

Tue 23:24 | Serialkiller

Just restarted stats

Tue 23:24 | Serialkiller

check on map change

Tue 22:44 | lemonguy18

the server is up but all stuff related to the stats is not on

Tue 21:56 | skiron

server seems ok?

Tue 21:41 | Serialkiller

try now

Tue 20:27 | Rabbit

& anywhere to play in the meantime?

Tue 20:20 | Rabbit

Any estimation when the server will be back?

Tue 19:32 | truckydriver

I agree Billy I think he's a spoilt child who thru his bo bo ( dummy ) out of his pram

Tue 18:21 | Billyclub

trucky the lad is a deranged sack of crap

Tue 17:50 | truckydriver

there must be a way to find his address and report him to the police

Tue 17:49 | truckydriver

lemon. Im not that savvy with PC's but can see what he is doing. This all started because I knifed him in game.. then the mouth and the C word then more mouth..glad he is gone but not what he is doing..what a saddo

Tue 09:21 | Helve

and if that doesn't work out, contact me on steam and lets see what other options there are to sort the fucker out :D

Tue 09:16 | Helve

basically check if the IP of gameme is the same as the IP address that attacked the server host, make screenshots, ask to take action and report the retard to the cops

Tue 09:08 | Helve

also which asshole server host doesn't have DDoS mitigation and threathens to just drop you guys? I'd like to know

Tue 09:07 | Helve

denial of service attacks are a punishable crime

Tue 09:06 | Helve

gameme has his ip logged, you have plenty of options

Tue 09:05 | Helve

you have his IP don't you? report him to authorities, ask server host to check if its a Distributed Denial of Service coming from a million PC's or just a Denial of Service attack from his own PC, with his own IP address logged - and ask them to report him to their local authorities if its the latter

Tue 00:07 | JohnnyRazor

hey chaps i take it that butt wipe Damian actually ddos'ed the server
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